Established in 2011, the main business activity of MM-DISOSKI is internet selling and internet promotional services. The company works with its clients assisting them to better promote and sell via internet

The main products and services are: web design and administration, design of web and mobile applications, as well as internet promotion which includes: optimization of web sites for search engines; social media promotion, online selling, etc.

The company continuously works on the design of its own products. One of them is the website Dino’s Adventures which is dedicated for education of children. This website was published in several languages.

Understanding the threats of the internet for children, in 2011 the company launched the product – My Browser, internet browser for children, which enables the parents to better plan and control the children’s online activities and to protect them from unwanted content.

The company already has two Android applications submitted to Google Play Store.  NoMa News – Android News app for Macedonian daily newspaper “Nova Makedonija” and OnRoad – Android app which helps to find nearest car service with details like address, phone number, website and position with map view.

The latest product, in its final phase of design, is the Android application for mobile devices which would help small service businesses better promote themselves and attract more customers.

Име Презиме: Валентина Дисоска
Е-Пошта: Valentina@Zona-Online.Com
Град: Скопје
Занимање: Управител, Претседател
Компанија: Мм Дисоски/ Здружение На Бизнис Жени


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